Along with the production philosophy of making the consumer's world sweeter, during all these decades, the company Banini strived to make working environment of their employees and the environment in which business is done better and more beautiful. Hence, we paid special attention to corporate social responsibility and socially responsible behavior.


In addition to the constant usage and improvement of high standards of production and distribution, we take care of our traditional customers, our social responsibility in business we consider as taking care of our employees as well as the immediate environment in which our production takes place.

Care for employees

Although we are in the fourth decade of business, we are young team that is constantly growing and developing. We invest maximum efforts for the work environment of our employees to be humanized and adapted to the highest standards of safety and occupational health. Employees in our team are provided with quality daily meals during their working process at the highest nutritional standards. Work processes under conditions of strict control of hygienic standards of food production are done in the working clothes which are prepared daily for them by a professional service that cares about quality.

Also, the company provides to the employees professional and security training for technological processes at the highest level so the possibilities for injuries on the work are decreased to a minimum.

The company Banini constantly evolves high quality training programs, educations, earning of new competencies, advancement and motivation for employees.

Besides, the company provides to its employees specific forms of financial support and assistance. We are especially proud of the continuing program of support to the employees and their families. To all children of employees who travel to urban areas to their educational institutions, company Banini finances the costs of transport.

Special form of care for members of our collective is a permanent scholarship program and co-financing of higher education for children of employees.

Our employees are well aware of the fact that their company is there to support them when they find themselves in complex life circumstances and that they can always count on the financial support in the form of interest-free credits and loans when it comes to furnishing living space, housing and solidarity financial support in some difficult life circumstances.

Caring for the environment

We are aware of the fact that modern production facilities can have a negative impact on our immediate environment. As part of this we have implemented all current and relevant standards and technologies for elimination, reduction and cancellation of negative emissions and pollution of land and water in our technological lines and programs.


Care for our customers, employees and the environment are not the only areas of social responsibility which we are strongly committed to. We are determined to provide support to the local and wider community, which represents the reference points of our business and our market existence, on daily basis. Therefore, during many years we have supported various areas of cultural, economic, social, artistic, sporting and educational life of our community, trying to give at least a small contribution to a better quality of life and people.

Race for happier childhood - Banini is sponsor of humanitarian-recreational action "Race for happier childhood" which is, upon the idea of the Red Cross of Serbia, conducted by municipal branch of this organization on the streets of Kikinda, for 25 years now. Pre-school children, primary and secondary school children are involved in the race as well as all those who feel healthy and young. Every year, in this traditional event, more than 4,000 youngsters participate, to whom company Banini gives sweet packages.

Our Serbia - Banini  has been supporting action project "Our Serbia - International School of Friendship" on the mountain Tara for years. It is a program of psychosocial support to children from Kosovo and Metohija, which is realized through the educational and entertaining sports workshops.

One of the most important topics at both the local community level and beyond, is certainly the increase in the number of employees among the youth. With the strong support and cooperation with the Kikinda's Youth Initiative projects for recognizing skills acquired through youth work are implemented.

For 25 years the company Banini continuously donates funds to the Red Cross of Kikinda with the desire to contribute to mitigating and repairing the consequences of different types of emergencies that often threaten the lives and property of our people in the wider community.

Kikinda is the city company Banini is created in, and for almost four decades it participates in achieving the company's mission - Creating nicer and better side of the world. Therefore, the company Banini constantly strives to answer back to their city for all these decades of support. With the financial and logistical support of the company Banini to the Municipality of Kikinda  two sports fields are built and fully equipped; certain medical devices essential for better health services in Kikinda are provided ; furniture is restored and the space in elementary school "Vuk Karadžić" in Kikinda is renovated.

Mini Basket League - Mini basketball league, sponsored by Banini, which brings together the most talented and most promising children of all elementary schools in the region in sports and recreation center "Jezero" is held, over last several years. 

The company  will continue to support  local, but also the wider community, aware of the fact that  its success and its future depends on a stable and solid foundations, on the community to which it belongs.