Everything we do and everything we create is driven by one simple desire: to make the world sweeter and more beautiful. Because of that, our products are made of top quality materials according to recipes that will make every bit small moment of life joy and pleasure.

Banini products have become a symbol and synonymous for the sweet enjoyment not only among consumers in the region, but also among consumers of Slovenia, Russia, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, where we currently export over 30% of total production. The breakthrough on the European and world markets company Banini achieved thanks to the latest technology, constant monitoring of world trends in the confectionery industry, constant innovation, using high-quality raw materials, as well as the respect of high quality standards in the production which is guaranteed by all relevant European and international standards that company owns. On the other hand, understanding the principles and laws of the global market, a complete portfolio of products we have adjusted in terms of visual communication by creating a specific brand architecture that provides a clear and unambiguous recognition and correlation of all products in the line and their strong connection to Banini umbrella brand. Therefore, all of our products for the global market are created under just two unique market brands: Banini - sweet program and Trik - salty program.

​BANINI sandwich biscuit

The combination of crunchy biscuits and soft filling - the right promise for immense enjoyment. That's why we have offered three combinations of enjoyment  to our consumers in foreign markets.